Hello welcome to the history of Bam Bam Bigelow !

Here's a guy you wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley. Bam Bam Bigelow not only weighs 325 pounds and stands 6"3', he also has flames tattooed on his head. Anyone crazy enough to to step into the ring with a man who paid to have a permanent image on his cranium has to be even crazier than Bigelow is. The intimidating grappler trained un the mid-eighties at the famous Monster Factory with Larry Sharpe. The two would work together again in the World Class territory, after Beigelow moved on from the factory and teamed up tp win the federation's version of the TV title. Bigelow would then ply his trade in the indepedent circuits before heading overseas.

The giant sized wrestler tore up the independant circuits and, for his efforts, was deemed "Th Beast from The East." He was known for not only beating his opponents in the ring for the win, but also for terorizing them out of their trunks. No one was safe in Bigelows presence. The Beast even left the legends cowering in fear. Upon arriving in the Orient in 1987, he stormed the New japn wrestling organization and challenged their top grappler,the ronowned Antonio Inoki.

He also has been known to crash the Big Two, the WWf and WCW, here in the States on occasion. He made a big splash in the WWF in April 1995, when he squared off against NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor at Wrestlemania, but was released soon afterward and rumored to "too difficult to manage" and "out of control." Speaking of beeing out of control,he once burst onto the WCW scene in late 1998 demanding a match with one of their top dogs, Goldberg. When he realized his words were getting nowhere, he put his words into action and began "attackin" Goldberg. In 1999, heteamed with a few guys, DDP and Kanyan, who were just as sadistic as him. Calling themselves The Triad, they racked up a few tag titles along the way with DDP and Bigelow winning oneon May31, 1999, in Houston,Texas, and DDP and Kanyan on June 13, 1999, in Balitmore. When that trio ran its course, Bigelow teamed with some other colleagues, Chris Candido and Shane Douglas.

Together they wreaked havoc on the federation as Triple Threat. Bam Bam would also go on his own and defeat Brian Knobs for the Hardcore title on Feb 7, 2000, in Tulsa,Oklohoma. Whether alone or with partners, Bigelow has proven that he is a mean fighting machine who has tremendous ability for someone his size. The Beast is all about beeing bad, and when it comes to wrestling, he's hard-core through and through.

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