Hello welcome to the history of Eddie Guererro !

Ever since coming over to the WWF in early 2000, Eddie Guerrero has generated all kinds of Latino Heat. Most of the heat has come from his association with the love of his life--Chyna.

At first, Chyna wanted no part of the Rico Suave-like wrestler. At WrestleMania 2000 in Anaheim, California, the 9th Wonder of the World teamed up with Too Cool in a match against Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn. The match started off with Scotty Too Hotty battling it out with Guerrero and Hotty getting the better of the action early and trying to get Chyna into the ring to finish off what he'd started. But when Scotty made the tag with Chyna, ERddie reached out and tagged in Malenko.

The action went back and forth between the stars with the pace fast and furious. Guerrero was able to get in a cheap shot on Chyna when she least expected it. Sexay came to her aid and suplexed Guerrero to the mat. Again the furious pace continued with Saturn and Scotty tangling up. Chyna would again be cheap shotted by Guerrero when he nailed her with a low blow. But this time she would take the "toro" by the horns. Chyna reached out and grabbed Guerrero by his family jewels and proceeded to put him to the mat for the win.

But soon enough Chyna would be warming up to his Latino Heat. She watched him, along with the rest of the wrestling audience, win the European title the next night from Chris Jericho after being in the WWF for only a few months.

SummerSlam then rolled around and Chyna and Guerrero took part in a 4-way match with Val Venis and Trish Stratus for the Intercontinental strap. This was a stipulation match, where the man or woman to score a "pinfall" would be crowned the new IC champ. And when all was said and done, Chyna came away with the belt, a WWF title she was pretty familiar with.

But her reign would be ended by none other than Guerrero, who won the belt from her on September 4, 2000. From this point on however, all became rosy for the couple. To show hos love for his chica, Guerrero began presenting his "Mamacita" with a dozen long-stem roses every time they entered the ring together. At Unforgiven on Septeber 24, 2000, in Philadelphia, Chyna helped her man defend his title against the well-rounded wrestler Rikishi.

But whether or not Guerrero keeps his relationship going with Chyna will have no bearing on his WWF career. The El Paso native has the high-flying ability to compete with any and all in the federation as he is a risk taker from the word go. Whether he remains a heel or a hero is up to the writers, but the one thing that is always for certain is that Eddie Guerrero can certainly generate Latino heat whenever he's in the ring.

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