Hello welcome to the history of TOO COOL !

Too Cool is a WWF tag team that is--as advertised-- too cool. Scotty Too Hottie (Scott Taylor) and Grand Master Sexay (Brian Christopher) not only combine to be one of wrestling'g most dominant duos on the scene today, they also have danced their way into the hearts of the WWF fans.

Taylor has been with the WWF since the early nineties, but was never a major role player until he met with his partner in 1997. Taylor would job in lesser matches in the federation, never really entering the spotlight. But in 1997 the organization decided to hold a tournament to crown its first ever light-heavyweight champion, and Taylor threw his hat in the mix.

In the second round of the tourney, he met up with Brian Christopher. Even though Christopher came away with the victory on this night, the two would meet over the next few months in what became a heated rivalry.

Before Christopher met up with Taylor in the light-heavyweight event, he had been a star in the USWA in Memphis for years. In 1997, the WWF officials took notice of his talents when he participated in several inter-promotional matches.

But the tag majic didn't surface until 1998, at Wrestlemania XIV. The two grapplers were paired together in a tag-team battle royal and the chemistry was instant. The only thing that was changed over the years is their team name. After their Wrestlemania performance, they dubbed themselves TOO Much. They would wrestle occassionally over the next 18 months, leaving an impressive trail of victories along the way.

But with so much up-and-coming talent in the tag ranks, the tandem decided to tweak their image. Scott "Too Hot" Talylor became Scotty Too Hotty and Brian "Too Sexy" Christopher became Grand Master Sexay, and if you thought that was too much, Too Much became Too Cool.

Their image change would pay off as they not only became fan favorites, they also would win their first tag-team title on May 29, 2000, in Vancouver, against Edge & Christian.

Along with their rotund friend Rikishi, Too Cool has moved and grooved their way to superstardom. When the lights go down, the fans know that the tandem is about to bust some heads or bust some moves. But win, lose, or draw, Too Cool will definitely hear the cheers from the crowd. They are, plain and simple just Too Cool for words.

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