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To question whether or not Booker T is a good guy or bad guy is like asking what color the American flag is-red, white, and blue? The Texas native is all about good. The 6"3' 250 pound grappler is goodin the ring, good to his fans, and good looking. Hell, Booker even looks good outside the arena in his designer threads! But don't get fooled by his GQ looks outside of the squared circle, because once this chiseled athlete steps onto the mat, he's all about making his opponent look bad. He's blessed with a body that's ripped and pumped beyond belief, and with an arsenal of wrestling manuevers that's second to none; it's no wonder he has won over 15 titles in his illustrious carrer. This graceful grappler usually picks apart his opponents in stunning fashion before he finishes them off with one of his signature manuevers: a missile dropkick or axe kick. In June 200, Booker, who had made his pro debut in 1989, really showed his good side as he took on the role of G.I. Bro, a great American hero. This character was very attractive to him at the time. He felt it was a role he could play in which he was still able to kick some serious butt in the ring while also maintaining his position as a role model for the children who watch wrsetling. In an interview conducted by Jason Shaya for WCW.com, Booker said "G.I.Bro is another aspect of the show. It's something for the kids, but if the adults want to join the bandwagon then more power to them." No, more power to you, Booker, as he not only loves what he's doing for a living, he's also very aware of his actions both on Tv screen and in the ring. He doesn't want to lead any child or fan in the wrong direction.He knows that his actions can very well be repeated by anyone taking the show, and sometime they dont even know when they are doing wrong. They're just repeating what they're favorite wrestlers are doing on the mat. And for this reason, Booker will do in his power to steer kids in the right direction. "I think kids are being shorthanded thes days," he explained. "Because what do they knowabout T&A or vulgar language?" Booker fell into a bad crowd when he was young. Both of his parents had died by the time he was 14 years old and he credits his brother, Stevie ray, also a pro wrestler, with helping him get back on the right path. Unfortunately, nowadys the two can't even be in the same arena together. Ray captured 10 tag titles with his brother at his side when they formed one of the greates tag teams of all time as the Harlem Heat. some even go as far as to say that the harlem heat is the most dominant duo of all time. Booker agrees with the statement " In my eyes, it was one of the most greatest tag teams that ever lived in the 1990's." But bad blood surfaced when Stevie took it upon himself to defend one of Booker's single's titles while T was recovering from an injury. Booker was nursing a bad knee that had been torn up by Bret Hart in a match during the 1998 Bash at the Beach, so Ray decided to step into the ring to defend what he says was not only his brother's belt, but also his honor. After initially winning in his brother's place, Ray again went out and acted as if the tiltle were his own and faced other wrestlers with Booker's title on the line. while T was stewing over his sibling's actions he tried not to let these incidents come between him and his brother, even after Ray lost the belt and title to Chris Jericho. On this ocassion, Ray claimed that Booker gave him the "power of attourney" to defend his title, but as it turned out, Stevie didnt have the pwoer to defeat Jericho, and it looked as though he was going to need an attourney when it was over. But Booker forgave his brother. With his knee all healed up, booker was ready to return to the ring. Ha had no qualms about pairing up with his tag partner again. The two would capture 3 more tag titles in 1999, but when 2000 came around Harlem really heated up. Stevie became pissed at his brother for working with Midnight,a beautiful young lady who was blessed strength, athleticism, and good looks. So, the jealous brother formed an alliance with another wresetler, BIg T, and this didn't sit well with Booker, who now claims he's done with his brother for good. While it's a shame that this had to happen to such a good guy, it was all for the better. Stevie ray and Harlem Heat were holding Booker back. He was now free to do what he was best at: kicking butt one-on-one. In no time, he would sit atop of the world holding the coveted world championship belt. On July9 , 2000, in Daytona Beach, Florida, Booker defetaed Jeff Jarret to garner his First WCW world heavyweight championship title. That night not only proved that nice guy's always don't finish last, but more importantly, Booker T was alive and well on the singles circuit, ready to kick more serious butt!

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