Hello welcome to the history Sting !

Stings real name happens to be Steve Borden.

Sting has been a WXW fan and also an exception to the rule having remained with one federation his entire career. It is very rare in thia day and age that a wrestler stays with just one of the big 2 what with the organizations having been in a ratings and talent war for the past 10 years.

The face-painted grappler came onto the wrestling scene in 1987, and has remained loyal to World Championship Wrestling ever since. Aonther rarity is that he has also resisted the temptation to go over to the dark side of the business and grapple as a heel. He has given his heart and soul to the federation and has even lent a helping hand to up-and-coming wrestlers who needed some guidance.

One of the wrestlers Sting took under his wing for a bit was Vampiro. The longtime WCWer saw in Vampiro loads of potential and wanted to help the grappler reach his peak. Many were even calling Vampiro the next Sting. But this seemed to be a huge task, as Vamp was known to be a loner who didn't have many friends. The good thing about Vampiro was that he had proven himself capable in the ring against the bigger stars like Rick Flair and Lex Luger, but he just couldn't seem to come away with the victory that put him over the top

This is where Sting thought he could help out. He would show the kid the ropes and teach him the tricks of the trade that had helped him win so many prestigious titles in his career. He approached Vampiro, and the 2 hooked on as a tag team. Many saw only good things for this tandem as they had potential tag-team champs written all over them. This would help vampiro get over the hump and finally reach his stride.

Beeing the good guy that he was, Sting had nothing but good intentions in mind when he teamed up with Vampiro, but he would soon realize the hard way why this dark warrior had no friends. He would realize that the guy was meant to be alone and didn't deserve anyone's help

On April 10, 2000, on a monday Nitro telecast, Vampiro maliciously attacked Sting and broke up their partnership. He had just joined forces with the New Blood, a faction that was out to rid the WCW of all the so-called old Blood. Although he was shocked by the incident, the 6'2", 252-pound veteran didn't take the attack lying down. This would start a feud that brought out the best, or worst, in Sting. His actions began to resemble those from 1997, when he went off the deep end and mauled and brawled with everyone, from Hulk Hogan to the towel boy when Sting's own loyalty was questioned.

Although he has always been popular with the fans, Sting's recent association with Vampiro has taken him to new heights. He has taken his game to a new level, and his passion in the ring seems to have doubled ever since their paths crossed. While Vampiro and Sting may have made an awesome twosome and have many common traits, they also have many differences.

The scary-looking Vampiro comes to the ring in face paint like his former partner and makes mysterious appearances in the ring like Sting did in 1997, but inlike Sting, Vampiro couldn't give a darn about whether or not he gets cheered or booed in the ring. The eerie wrestler at one time even tried to sway Sting over to the dark side during their association. But Sting wanted no part of his Darth-Vader-like world.

The 2 were now at war in classic Jedi knight and stormtrooper fashion. The foundation for their bouts was not only revenge, but also good versus evil. But it wasn't your typical good guy-bad guy battle. There were some deep-seated issues here which bordered on the occult, but no matter, it still made for good wrestling.

While Vampiro acted like a heel was supposed to act, backstabbing Sting and torturing him whenever possible, Stimg had given the face role a new look. Though he still got a tremendous pop from the crowd, he had no problem with acting in heel-like fashion whenever he was in the ring with vampiro. Sting may very well go down as the most sadistic hero professional wrestling has ever seen from this feud.

The 6-time WCW World Heavyweight champion had taken it upon himself to club Vampiro with his trusty black baseball bat whenver he had the chance, and in turn Vampiro had done things like drag his foe through the ring floor and smashed a tombstone over Sting's head.

There were no limits to what these two would do to each other. It wasn't even about getting the win anymore. It became all about destroying the other guy's career. Each time the 2 enetered the ring to do battle, there was a certain feel in the air that the unexpected was about to happen. They gave the WCW an element it had lacked for a long time-must-see action-- that it needed in ratings war with WWF.

One of those must-see events came on June 11, 200, at the Great American Bash in Baltimore, when sting met his nemesis in a Human Torch match. Again, nothing was beyond the realm of possibility for these 2 gladiators, but this was too dangerous. The flames brought new meaning to the phrase "helluva" match, with the emphasis on hell! Like i said earlier, the matches between the 2 were no longer about wins and losses, and this one just happened to be about who put the other on fire first.

This was a match that Sting had no business beeing in as he was a proven champ who had already made a name for himself over the years; who didn't have to resort to partaking in gimmick matches to get over with the fans or management. But this wasn't about getting over. This was about not backing down. Sting was not about to lie down for anyone. he wanted good to conquer evil no matter what.

On this night Vampiro would get the best of him, getting the win by setting Sting ablaze. But history has proven that when Sting';s buttons are pushed, he'll stop at nothing to get his revenge.

One other time in his career his loyalty and integrity wqere challenged, and when he came out like a bat out hell. At the time, Lex Luger had been attacked by someone who looked like Sting and rumors began to circulate that Sting himself had done the job, even though he'd had no time for such shenanigans as he was battling the evil wrestling faction, the nWo. This sent Sting over the edge and at War Games, the honest grappler turned his back on the WCW and seemed to be done with not only battling good vs. evil, but also wrestling.

But the following night on a Nitro telecast he made an unforgetable entrance, descending from the rafters into the ring. thie would also be the first night the fans would see him in his new group, beeing now costumed all in black and white facial paint, and weilding a black baseball bat. His new persona was an immediate hit with the fans!

His new philosophy was now to speak softly and caryy a big stick! Only the new-faced grappler would do all his talking with the bat, staying away from the interviews for quite some time afterward; only apperaing mystriously and strinking swiftly.

Where this battle leaves him. only the future will tell, but you can bet your last dollar that this "GOOD GUY" will not go away so quietly!

Sting recently hung up his wrestling tights and boots. But for 15 years, Steve Borden was the franchise player for the NWA/WCW. But Sting's biggest move didn't come in a ring. It came in the Los Angeles Coliseum at a 1998 Promise Keepers event when he invited the Lord into his heart and his life. "I felt forgiven, cleansed and it was an incredible experi- ence. I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart, and it was long overdue."

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