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Hello welcome to the hisory of The Hardy Boys!

You want action? The Hardy Boys will give you action. You want high-flying acrobatics? They're your choice, too. You wantdeath-defying feats? They'll give you that, also. But another thing I can also guarantee is that these 2 wrestlers will be fan favorites for a long time to come.

Although Jeff and Matt Hardy have already won 2 WWF Tag titles, that's not why they are so loved.

These 2 North Carolina natives night after night push the wrestling envelope. They put their bodies on the line for the sake of entertaining their fans. It is not an uncommon sight for the audience to be holding their collective breath when Matt and Jeff are in the ring--or should i say above the ring?

Most recentlty, the Boyz won the tag title at Unforgiven in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on september 24, 2000, when they took on the reigning champs Edge & Christian in a steel-cage match. As always, when these 4 meet between the ropes, the action was nonstop.

Even though Jeff would land a Poetry in Motion on Edge and Matt would nail Christian with his Twist of Faith manuever in the opening moments, the reigning champs had the early "edge" in the bout. Jeff was pushed down off the top of the cage bt Edge, leaving Matt to battle the duo by himself for a while in the padlocked cage.

After Edge and Christian worked over a helpless Matt for a while, Jeff was able to confiscate the key to the cage's door, open it, and throw in a chair to try and help out his brother. This once again got the tagger involved in the action. THe Hardy Boyz would eventually get the win by way of steel chairs as they both clobbered Edge simultaneously while he was trying to climb his way out of the ring.

Although they won the straps on this night, the action didn't compare to theier match at Wrestlemania 2000. The tag tandem wouldn't face only E&C on this memorable April night in Anaheim, California, they would also face the destructive Dudley Boyz in a Triple Threat Ladder match.

This match had everything. Tables and ladders and chairs... oh my! The Dudleyz were their typical table-smashing selves, while E & C were busy doble-suplexing their foes. The Hardyz were thier high-flying, acrobatic selves, sailing from the top of the ladders and ropes numerous times. Jeff would nail anawesome Swanton Bomb from the top of the ladder on Buh Buh Ray dudley while Matt would hit a Twist of Fate on D-Von dudley inside the ring. But the dueling brothers would go home on this night without the belt or the win as Edge & Christian would gain the victory

The first 3-way was so entertaining that the duos would do it again 4 months later at Summerslam. The match was entitled TLC match and took place in raleigh,North Carolina, in late August. The tag belts would not only be on the line on this night, they would actually be suspended from the arena ceiling over the ring and the first duo to come down with them would become the new champs.

The action was fast and furious as the 6 men would use everything in their arsenal to get the win. the Dudleyz again opted to put people through tables. Edge tried his luck with some chair shots and the Hardyz flew into action from atop the arena on the ladders. As a matter of fact, Jeff at one point was hanging from midair from one of the championship bets with D-Von on the other, but neither could hang on. The team that did hang on for the win that night was E & C.

Although they don't always come away with the W, The Hardy Boyz are by no means losers. The good-guy grapplers are risk takers in the squared circle and are well worth the price of admission. Still in their 20's, the dynamic duo will be entertaining thr wrestling audience for many years to come.

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