Hello welcome to the history of Rey Mysterio Jr!

Rey Mysterio, Jr, is living proof that size doesn't matter. The 5'3", 140-pound grappler has taken the WCW by storm winning 5 cruiserweight titles and 2 tage belts so far in his career.

Mysterio began wrestling professionally at the tender age of 16, making his pro-debut in 1990, in the sunny state of california, while still in high school. In order to get ready for his first pro match, against a wrestler named Shamu, he trained long and hard with his uncle, Rey Mysterio, Sr., the senior Rey taught him the ins and outs of the lucha libre style of wrestling, which from the age of 15 he still uses to this day.

The young wrestler, who grew up in san diego idolizing Ricky Steamboat, knew from early on what he wanted to do with his life, and before he had even graduated high school, he had put in 2 years on the pro circuit.

When he first broke into the wrestling world in the AAA and the WWA, he was known as Colibri, which is Spanish for hummingbird, and then sometime later he changed to the Super Nino moniker. But no matter the name, the results were always the same. The California native was a fan favorite who wrestled to please his audience, and who also had great success between the ropes. As a matter of fact, before he came to WCW, he had already wan championship titles in the singles ranks. He garnered the WWA Cruiserweight title on 3 seperate occassions, The WWA Welterweight belt 2 times, and the WWA World Light Heavyweight strap 3 different times.

The young luch libre wrestler would also find success waiting for him in other ranks. On the tag circuit, he and his mentor, Uncle Rey, won a WWA Tag title. In the Mexican National Trios Championship, Rey,Jr., would team up with Octagon and Super Moneco and win the event.

There just seemed to be nothing this little guy couldn't accoplish in the ring. Mysterio appeared on the national scene as a masked warrior at a When Worlds Collide PPV and was at first regarded as a novelty rather than a serious contender in the federation. But when upper management saw his acrobatic performances in the ring, they became hooked just as much as the audience and viewers.

Mysterio wrestles with a style that showcases his blinding speed and aerial manuevers, making him hard to beat because his opponents usually can't keep up with him or find him on the mat. As a matter of fact, they won't find himon the mat because half the time he's usually in the air zeroing in on his dizzy foe. His arsenal includes several high-risk moves, one beeing his lethal Huracanrana, which usually leaves the audience in awe.

Although Mysterio is regarded as the "King Of Cruiserweights," he doesn't let his attributes stop him from taking on other wrestlers in bigger weight classes. The high-flying grappler recently shocked the fans and federation by beating some of the biggest names and wrestlers in the business. He took on and beat Bam Bam Bigelow, the 6'3", 325-pound, bald behemoth who is known for being a monster on the mat. Even more impressive was his victory over Kevin Nash, who stands at 7', 356 pounds, and also is a 9-time WCW champion both on the singles and tag circuits. After pulling off these upsets, the tiny grappler made a name for himself in a big way and was dubbed "The Giant Killer."

Although he has found some success in factions and tag teams, Mysterio is a wrestler who works best alone. He also is one of the rare wrestlers who is popular with both fans and colleagues. This is both good and bad for the talented performer, as his game seems to suffer from his having too many frinds in the ring. He needs to try and seperate his associations with his coworkers when he steps between the ropes and concentrate on his opponent, because when he is focused, pound-for-pound, there's none better than Rey Mysterio, Jr.

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