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Tazz-mania came to the WWF during the 2000 Royal Rumble and has increased more and more with every match the former ECW wrestler takes part in. Although he stands a mere 5'9" and weighs 240 pounds, don't let his physical stature throw you off.

Tazz is tough as nails and has an arsenal that can rival anyone's in the business. Brought up on the tough and mean streets of Brooklyn, New York, Tazz can come at his opponents with a German suplex, a side salto suplex, a vertical suplex, or one of his all-time favorites, the T-bone Tazz-plex. When all else fails, the stocky bone crusher resorts to his katahajimi Tazz-mission, which is usually a lock for him to get the win as his foes are usually gasping for air from the move, which is a choke and sleeper hold.

One of the WWF superstars who experienced the katajimi first-hand was former Olympic gold medalist wrestler Kurt Angle. At Royal Rumble 2000 in front of a sold out Madison Square Garden in New York, Tazz made his debut against Angle and would not only defeat his opponenet in convincing fashion, he would also apply his "lethal" choke hold which seemed to knock the life out of Angle.

Many other wrestlers and WWf officials seemed concerned during and after this match as they had heard how dangerous Tazz could be in the ring, but now seeing it firts hand, they had no doubts in their minds that this guy came to play each night. The only problem is that his grounds for fun and games are a little more intense than some would like to see. As a matter of fact, it's borderline dangerous.

His intense competitive nature seems to have him in character 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some wrestlers claim that when they're on the road, Tazz usually can be found alone, either working out in the gym or passing the time in his hotel room. The other grapplers try to find a way to reloax and unwind, playing cards, going out to dinner, or just plain socializing with one another. Not the Brooklyn brawler. He seems to be on wrestling call every minute of every day.

Even on the day or night of his match in the arena, where many of the wrestlers get together backstage before their matches, Tazz can be found listening to his Walkman, stretching and warming up in some isolated area of the venue until he has to enter the ring.

Then, when it's time to go on, he plows into the arena and takes on his opponent with every ounce of energy in his body. He truly wrestles like the Looney Tunes character, The Tazzmanian Devil, as he usually takes down his foes in a lightening-quick, swirl-like fashion. But even though he makes quick work of his opponents, each and every move has a purpose. His game plan is one that is well thought oout. Tazz wants nothing more than to be the best, and he knows that in order to do that, he has to be ready to beat the best.

Many wrestlers develop their game around only a few moves, and when they're in the ring they usually dance and prance around until it's time to apply them. Not Tazz. He's already played the match over and over in his head a hundred times before it actually takes place. Usually nothing takes this wrestler by surprise.

No one doubts that he can compete with the big guns of the game like the Rock, Triple H, and Steve Austin, but what they do fear is that this guy could seriously hurt one of the federation's top talents with ease. He has been said to have the viscious streak of Jake "The Snake" Roberts, the shoot-fighting skills of Ken Shamrock, and the technical know-how of Bret Hart.

Put that all together and you have one of the meanest wrecking crews of a wrestler around in Tazz.

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