Hello welcome to the history of Lance Storm!

Lance Storm is your typical badass foreigner who comes to an American-based federation to wreck havoc on as many Yanks as humanly possible. While this gimmick has been done many times before in years past, none seemed to have perfectedthe part quite as well as Storm has.

This 6 foot, 232-pound Canadian grappler learned the tricks of the trade, like his fellow counntrymen Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho, from the legeadary Stu Hart in his basement training ground, known as The Dungeon, back in Canada.

After finishing the grueling course at the Calgary-based school, Storm headed out into the wrestling world. His first opponent just also happened to be his first tag-team partner, Chris Jericho. Thw two teamed up to form a successful tag tandem known as The Thrillseekers. They would make a name for themselves on several independant circuits, especially the Smokey Mountain Wrestling organization, where the young duo competed against and beat several teams who had much more experience than they did.

Storm then took his act overseas, where he competed in Austria's CWA and Japan's WAR promotion, and managed to win 3 tag team titles along the way. When he came back to the States, he signed on with the Philadelphia-based Extreme Championship Wrestling, teaming with Justin Credible to form an awesome duo known as The Impact Players. The tag team would dominate their ranks for some time and would win championship gold in their together, but Storm knew he was wrestling on borrowed time at ECW.

He arrived on the World Championship Wrestling scene toward the end of 2000, and within weeks he was stirring the pot. This is quite an accomplishment for Storm, as he's not a very talkative wrestler, as he likes to have his in-ring action do his speaking. And believe me, his actions speak volumes.

While he has been known mainly as a successful tag wrestler throughout his career, Storm stormed onto the WCW singles scene and won the U.S. Title tournament on July 18, 2000, and immediately changed the title name to the Canadian Heavyweight Championship. A couple of weeks later on July 24, the grappler would face Big Vito in a Canadian title vs. Hardcore title match, in which Storm won and changed the title name to the sakatchewan Hardcore International title. But he wasn't finished collecting titles or changing names there. Only days later, on July 31, the Canadian native won the Cruiserweight Championship from Lt. Loco and proceeded to change the name of that title to the 100 Kilos and Under Championship.

Even though his actions weren't popular with his colleagues or the fans, this chiseled grappler was surely putting his country's stamp on the WCW in the short time that he was a member of the federation. Modern-day wrestling is all about getting a reaction, positive or negative, and Storm was certainly getting reactions! Albeit not positive, they were causing a stir nonetheless and getting him noticed.

While he may not be able to run his mouth the way several successful heels do, Storm truly letshis Japanese suplexes and aerial moves do the talking while he's between the ropes. Storm also may not have that many American friends here in the States, but who needs frinds when you have titles?

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