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In all my years of watching professional wrestling, I have never been this excited about the return of a wrestler. Mind you, this isn't just any ordinary wrestler. This is, in my opinion, the return of one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time and the most charismatic individual to grace a professional wrestling ring. That's right. The return, and the rebirth, of Shawn Michaels. HBK made his return to professional wrestling on the June 3 episode of "RAW," joining up with old pals Kevin Nash and X- Pac in the New World Order. Only two nights prior, on the new WWE show "Confidential," Michaels announced HBK was dead and gave the impression that he was done with professional wrestling. In an interview with WWE.com, Michaels elaborated on his com- ments on "Confidential:" "That (the death of HBK) pertains more to backstage and to my personal life as opposed to out in front of the cameras. Because when I'm out in front of the cameras, that's just me having fun. That's me enjoying myself in front of lots of people. It was mostly just to make clear that that person I was on the road, and the person who took the business so seriously, is not there anymore. That's what I meant by it. "HBK was angry. Most of what I did was because I had a big chip on my shoulder. Sure, it worked out to my advantage when it came to matches, because I went out there wanting to have a better match than everybody else. But I didn't do that from a real positive place. And that's the biggest difference. I'm not driven by anger. I'm not driven by emotions anymore." A back injury sent HBK to the sidelines too early in his ca- reer, but while taking time off, he has gotten married and is a father. But most importantly, Michaels has found God and has turned his life over to Jesus. As for his back injury, only time will tell if HBK has another match left in him. "I don't know. I'm on a different path now. I let (God) direct me. Right now, that's not something I'm thinking about. I pray about that too. He'll make that clear to me, if that's some- thing I think I can do. If he keeps me safe and keeps me pro- tected like he's promised, I'm sure I can do it. "We'll just have to see how things work out. Heck, I've only been in the door one day. We're at the infant stage. I'm excited about it, and I'm really looking to see where it goes." But will the back injury allow Michaels to grace the squared circle one more time before he calls it quits? "It feels great. I still know it's there, but I still know my knees are there and my shoulders are there. You don't get out of this line of work and not feel a little soreness. But it's as good as it's been in the four years that I've been out. I feel great." Only time will tell what direction HBK takes in the ring. But one thing is for sure. No matter what he decides to do, it will be entertaining and charismatic. After all, having fun is what Shawn Michaels is all about. ***end of history*** So if you know of any other moments in wrestling history please let me know and i'll post it here along with your top ten list too! click here to email me your list and moments!

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