Hello welcome to my Sunday night Heat report!

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Don't miss HEAT Sunday nights at 6PM CT on Spike TV. OK here is the report on your Sunday Night Heat!



Dark Matches: Chuck Palumbo beat Bobby Rude. Rude was announced as being from nearby Medicine Hat Alberta to establish himself as a face. Match was fairly long and crowd was into it as the first match of the night. Pulumbo won with the discus punch.

Lance Storm beat Stevie Richards. Obvious huge pop for Storm as he was the local boy. Good heat for the match and Storm won with the single leg crab. This may be a heat match as Al Snow and new host Todd Grisham came out to Snow's music before the match.

Rob Conway beat Rosey. This was announced as Hurricane vs Conway but Rosey started the match and it went from there. Usual "heels use the flag" bit while the ref is distracted for the win.

Shelton Benjamin beat Rhyno. Yes how the mighty have fallen. Face a 16 time champ on PPV on Sunday and main event Heat on Monday. Decent match. Crowd cheered Rhyno as he made his entrance as no one knew if he was heel or face today. Solid match that had Shelton win with the "Slop Drop". Rhyno looked fairly shook up afterwards and needed help to the back.

***end of show***


Thanks to Tim And Chris for the following:

Hi I just came back from Raw in Chicago!

Sunday Night Heat Matches:

Chuck Palumbo & A-Train defeated two Chicago Guy's

Victoria defeated Jazz (non-title)

Garrison Cade defeated Val Venis

Rhyno defeated jobber.

Matt Hardy defeated Steven Richards



Dark Matches

- Chuck Palumbo b. A-Train with the Mafia/Yakuza kick

Heat Matches

Steven Richards b. Hurricane with a rollup and the ropes

Garrison Cade b. Val Venis with the flying elbow

Rosey b. Slam Shady with that spinning uranage move (may have been botched)

***end of show***


Thanks to Scott Evans for the following. ...

Dark Matches

Chuck Palumbo beat a jobber with a punch (I'm not joking).

I can't remember exact names because it was tough to hear, but a bigger guy named Trent Taynor (with a Batista look) or something similar beat a small local guy from Cincinnati.


Garrison Cade beat Rosey with an Elbowdrop from the top rope

La Resistance beat two smaller guys with a double team slam when one of their opponents grabbed them in a headscissors/headlock combo, and they slammed him down.

Val Venis made Steven Richards tap out to a variation of a leglock in a good back and forth match.


coming soon as i hadnt seen the tape of it. 3/21/04

***spoilers*** Mike Johnson called in the following dark match result and Heat tapings from East Rutherford, New Jersey:

Dark Match:

- Kevin Fertig defeated Chris Knowles (at least, that's what it sounded like). Heat taping:

- Lance Storm defeated Ken Phoenix.

- Rico, with Miss Jackie, defeated Steven Richards. Post match, Richards attacked Rico's knee, and Rico left the ring with assistance, hopping on one foot.

- Hurricane & Rosey defeated Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade.

Chris Candido was spotted in the production area, chatting with Tom Pritchard.

***end of taping***


Heat before Wrestlemania 20: In Dark Matches: *Kenzo Suzuki pinned Nick Dinsmore with the Shining Wizard. Suzuki looked really bad here, like horribly bad. The wizard missed completely from my vantage point halfway up the building so I am sure it looked even worse from those sitting closer. He was trying but really looked like a fish out of water, particularly when Dinsmore was hitting him with clotheslines. Dinsmore looked good. *Travis Tomko and Kevin Fertig beat Mike Mayo and Horshu. Mayo works the New York area independents as Mike Kruel while everyone else is under developmental deals. Decent back and forth tag. International Heat (Heat will air live in the US due to the WrestleMania PPV) *Rico pinned John Pinzaro. Typical quick bout. Nothing stands out. *Val Venis beat Kevin Phoenix with the splash off the top rope. *Spike Dudley pinned Lance Storm with the Acid Drop in a very good back and forth match. This was probably the best showing I've seen Spike have in some time. He and Lance went back and forth, including Spike doing a big stomp off the top onto Storm's chest. It was nice to see these two get a chance to go a little. 3/7/04


Thanks to Michael Langan II for this recap:

Steven Richards p. Onyx

Rene Dupree p. Spike Dudley


"I couldn't hear who the hell they were cause of the pyros, and none of them looked familiar. A Tag team was dressed in BOWLING attire... and a guy named Mark Lindsay, I think... only 2 matches...pretty sucky really."

Me: Bowling attire? Are you serious? Him: Yes.

Dudleys d. Storm/Venis ***end of show***

2/29/04 Leap Yaer folks!!

Spike Dudley beat some jobber in khaki pants.

Garrison Cade and Mark Indrak beat Hurricane and Rosie

Matt Hardy beat some jobber with 'Ace" on his pants, "allegedly" from Omaha, NE.

Lance Storm beat a masked jobber, a "Los Conquistador" maybe? His outfit was a black mask with black trunks and boots. The jobber did a good job of getting the crowd somewhat interested in him by walking like a robot and doing other bizarre motions.

After this, Test and Storm got into it as Test was coming down the ring

Test beat Stevie Richards after Storm's interference backfired. He flew off the top rope and nailed Richards, and Test hit the big boot for the win.

***end of show***


Matt Hardy, Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade beat all three Dudley Boyz in a six man.

Rene Dupree, with Rob Conway, beat Val Venis, with Lance Storm.

Rico, with Jackie, beat Test, the prince of Heat (Stevie is the king!).

In the main event of Heat, Jon Heidenreich beat The Hurricane.

***End of show*** 2/15/04

Jazz (with Teddy Long) vs Lita:

Jazz won via submission when Long distracted the ref when Lita got to the ropes.

Test vs. Steven Richards (with Victoria):

Test won via pinfall when Richards saved Victoria from Test.

Val Venus vs. Rico (with Miss Jackie):

Rico won via pinfall. Everyone was really confused as who to cheer for in this one.

La Resistance vs. the Dudleys:

La Resistance won via pinfall. ***end of show***

2/8/04 2/1/04 Val Venis def. Test in 7 minutes, 19 seconds

Christian def. Lance Storm in 6 minutes, 49 seconds

Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak def. Hurricane & Rosey in 5 minutes, 20 seconds

Booker T def. Matt Hardy in 10 minutes, 11 seconds


50 minutes of preview of setting how matches for Survivor Series came about.

Non-Title match

Victoria defeated Molly Holly

***end of Heat*** 1/18/04

Val Venis/Lance Storm defeated 2 scrubs - They used the Hart Attack clothesline as a finisher, which got a nice pop. They had 2 girls with them at ringside...post match - Lance danced his white boy jig on the ringpost.

Heat pyro goes off...

Garrison Cade/Mark Jindrak defeated Rosie and the Hurricane - they used their usual finisher to get the win...nothing special here...

Rob Conway defeated Spike Dudley with a really cool looking springboard corkscrew suplex - got a nice pop for that move, but lots of heat for coming out with Rene and the French flag. After the match, Spike was helped to the back by a bunch of refs and was really clinging to his left shoulder - either a good work or a legit injury, he did land pretty hard at the end...

Merchandise plug, and the t-shirt cannon came out.

Rico defeated local boy Tommy Dreamer when Jackie interefered and cracked Dreamer over the head with the singapore cane. Rico won it with a spinning heel kick.


Scott Steiner defeated Steven Richards (without Victoria) with a flatliner. After the match, Test came out, celebrated w/ Steiner, and beat on Steven for a while. ***end of show***


Match #1 Lance Storm vs. Matt Hardy Ver 1.0

Match gets off to an exciting start as Storm tosses Hardy out of the ring and follows with a plancha. Storm hits a springboard sunset flip for 2. Storm gets whipped into the post as Hardy begins to go on on the offense with a suplex, but Storm comes right back. Hardy goes for the Side Effect (!!!) only for Storm to reverse it into his forward rolling fireman's carry (or Samoan drop for the picky). Hardy catches Storm coming off the ropes and nails the Side Effect on the second attempt. Hardy attempts a second-rope guilliotine leg drop, but misses. Storm up top but then misses a missile dropkick attempt. V1 nails the Twist of Fate and scores the pinfall. Good match.

Winner: Matt Hardy Version 1.0

The show Steve Austin chasing Teddy Long around in the 4-wheeler as coming up next.

WWE originals CD commercial is shown. I have an excellent idea for the next LAW poll. What will sell more, Macho's CD or the Original's one?

Wrestlemania Recall: HBK coming to the ring from the roof.

They show the tail-end of the RVD vs. Mark Henry match from last week's RAW, including the ending where Teddy Long is on his knees to Stone Cold. I could write a five page essay on the concept of Long's character doing so and coincide that with...nevermind. Stepping off of my soapbox.....

A new Smackdown! commercial airs featuring Vincent Kennedy McMahon is shown. I find it funny actually. But this all I want to see of Vince on my television.

WWE Rewind: Austin making the main event at the Royal Rumble a Last Man Standing match and HHH hitting HBK with the pedrigee after said announcement.

Match #2

Matt Cappotelli and John Hennigan vs. Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade

Anyone remember the Hardy's when they started coming around in 98 before the Team Extreme concept? That's what Team Tough Enough reminded me of (in look only of course). Trademark Tough Enough offense by Cappotelli. Cade takes control, and him and Jindrak work the arm. Spinning elbow by Cappotelli gets a two count. Standing armbar reversed into a near pinfall by Cappotelli. Blind tag, near fall by Hennigan. Backbreaker by Jindrak for two. Hey, they are dressed the same for once. Hennigan with a great looking counter into a hurracanrana. Tag to Cappotelli. Double hip toss on Jindrak followed by a legdrop by Cappotelli gets a two count. Jindrak floors him with a sick looking clothesline. Tag to Cade. Cade back to the arm, tags in Jindrak. Coach and Snow suck in case you forgot. More arm-wrenching by Jindrak. Cappotelli attempts to dive and make a tag, but it caught by Jindrak, who turns this into a Manhattan drop. Cappotelli flips out of a belly-to-back suplex to make the tag. Hennigan with a kick to Jindrak, then a dropkick to Cade, and another to Jindrak. I wonder if he'll get in trouble for stealing one of Maven's finishers? Flying elbow to Cade. Hennigan nails a nice jumping spin kick on Jindrak for a near fall. Cappotelli nails Cade with his own flying elbow, knocking Cade outside. Referee puts Cappotelli back into his corner, allowing Jindrak to elevate Hennigan into a Cade guilliotine on the ropes. Or something like that. Jindrak pins Hennigan for the win.

Winners. Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade

JVC XL-PRI: The Dudleyz getting jumped from behind following the celebration of Spike's win last week.

Coach and Snow talk, I don't listen.

The back nine of the Tag team title match is shown from last week. This was your main event folks.

Mick Foley video package depicting him as a coward. Paid for by Randy Orton of course.

Main Event: Non-Title match.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton vs. Val Venis

They show Orton nailing the RKO on King last week. Good segment to further his gimmick. I'm waiting for him to nail JR in Oklahoma.

Headlocks start us off. Coach and Snow attempt to do their jobs and pub the IC title match tommorrow between Orton and RVD and RAW in general. They still should be fired. Venis in control. Classic Venis with the running knees into the Russian leg sweep, which he turns into a sitting Octopus stretch. Venis begins to work the back with knee drops into the weirdest looking move I've seen in awhile, which sort of nuts considering I watch the X-Division and attempt to name the stuff they pull off. Venis stands on far side of his back near the shoulder, looks like he's surfing, then falls backward. Yeah, it made that much sense to me too. Orton runs and grabs the ropes and regains his vertical base. Great heel segment with Orton kicking Venis in the face while Venis is tying his shoe. Coach proceeds to misquote Tom Hanks in "A League of Their Own", further proving he'd be a better announcer if he was mute. Orton attempts an Irish whip into the turnbuckle, but Venis catches himself in the corner and they bump heads. Commercial break.

YJ Stinger commercial featuring John Cena. He is without a doubt the best thing they have going right now.


They show Trish Stratus singing and commenting about her WWE Originals song. I won't comment since it might hurt my chance of marrying her.

The match continues with both men up and Venis hitting a backslide for a nearfall. Venis knocks Orton to the outside and makes with some Flair chops. Orton whips Venis into the ring. Back into the ring, Orton nails an Irish whip into a turnbuckle, hurting Venis' back even more. Orton in full control. Nice surfboard around the ring post by Randy Orton. Venis attempts a suplex, but his back can't allow him to do it. Orton with a belly-to-back suplex. Elbows to the back of Venis into a rear chinlock. Venis reverses an Irish whip into a sunset flip for a nearfall, then scores the neckbreaker, hurting his own back in the process. Okay, seriously, Venis is an excellent wrestler, start pushing this kid. Venis back in control with a clothesline, then a shoulder block. Venis attempts his full-nelson into a Rock Bottom move (someone name this or tell me what is so I don't have to type it out all the time! Then again, i do that a lot anyways). Venis nails the aforementioned move, but Orton kicks out at 2 and 9/10's. Venis nails a spinebuster for another near fall. Orton attempts an RKO, but Venis counters into an Irish whip, which Orton counters and hits a DDT for a nearfall. Venis counters a sleeper hold into a sitout powerbomb, and this is officially the best main event in Sunday Night Heat history. Venis is up and nails some falling elbows. Venis climbs the turnbuckle, Orton gets up and attempts a superplex, but gets thrown across the ring for his trouble. Money shot lands on Orton's elevated knees, who then gets up and hits the RKO and the rest is academic. That finish looks familiar, maybe because I saw variant on RAW? Nevermind.

Winner: Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton.

***end of show***

12/21/03 DARK MATCHES: Mideon over a jobber that no one could hear the name

Jim Steel & Mike Morton over Carly Colon & a guy that they didn't hear the name for

Jindrack & Cade over Storm & Venis


Victoria over Ivory in a number one contender's match for the Women's Title.

Molly was watching from top of ramp then came down took out both Ivory and Victoria.

Rosie & Hurricane over The Shane Twins

Steven Richards over Test

Test was too much into victoria then the match.

***end of show***

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