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Steven Regals Bio: Real Name: Darren Matthews Height: 6'4 Weight: 240 lbs. Finishing Move: The Power Of The Punch; The Regal Stretch Major Titles Held: WWE Intercontinental Championship, WWE European Championship, WCW Television Championship Darren Matthews began his professional wrestling career in 1984 at the age of 16 in England. He performed under his real name for 2 years before adopting the name, Steven Regal. Matthews was honing his trade in the early years, and was impressing local promoters. International fame seemed to be out of Matthews' reach, as his small stature made him an unlikely candidate to be a WWE Superstar. As Regal, he began to gain opportunities to wrestle around the world, in countries such as Germany, South Africa, France and The Middle Eastern countries. In 1991, Regal was given a tryout in the WWE. Although he was impressive, he was not offered a spot on the roster. He returned to England and waited for another opportunity to sign with a major promotion. WCW put on a European tour in late 1991 and Regal was called upon to wrestle in the opening matches against Terry Taylor, Michael Hayes or Jimmy Garvin. The WCW officials were impressed by Regal and promised to call him if a spot opened up. Regal spent most of 1992 wrestling in The Middle East and in Europe when WCW contacted him about joining. Regal jumped at the opportunity and started with WCW in 1993. At first, he was just Steve Regal, a wrestler who was neither a baby face nor a heel. He was not getting a great reaction from the crowd during his matches. Determined to not give up on him, WCW changed Regal into Lord Steven Regal, a pompous heel who looked his nose down on "commoners". He was immediately hated by the fans. He acquired a manager, Sir William Dundee. He was so over as a heel that WCW had him beat Ricky Steamboat in a classic match at War Games 93 for the WCW Television Championship. He would go on to defend that title for several months against Steamboat, The British Bulldog, and Brian Pillman to name a few. He even had some great matches with the WCW Champion, Ric Flair. Regal eventually found himself in a feud with former wrestler-turned announcer, Larry Zbyszko. Zbyszko beat Regal for the WCW Television Championship but Regal quickly regained it. He held the belt throughout the summer of 1994, finally losing to Johnny B Badd. Regal was still over with the crowd but WCW management decided to put Regal in a tag team. With Bobby Eaton (now, Earl Robert Eaton), they gained some success as The Blue Bloods. They weren't as over as WCW had hoped so a third member, Squire David Taylor was added. Most fans were now bored by The Blue Bloods and the team was disbanded. Regal won back the WCW Television Championship in August 1996 by beating Lex Luger. Regal went on another impressive reign as champion, finally losing the title to Prince Iaukea. He won the title shortly after from Ultimo Dragon but lost it back to the Dragon in July 1997 for the final time. Regal was not happy with his role in WCW. Even though he was Television champion, the belt was almost meaningless. In a Monday Nitro match with Goldberg, Regal appeared to be a little too stiff with the man they were grooming to be the next big star. After spending almost another wasted year with WCW, Regal finally debuted in the WWE in the fall of 1998. He was billed as Steven Regal, The Man's Man. He went from a pompous, obnoxious, heel to a Lumberjack-type heel. He was not over with the crowd at all. He began a small feud with X-Pac and even participated in the WWE Championship tournament at Survivor Series 98. However, Regal was abusing drugs and was sent to rehab. In April of 1999, he was released from the WWE and went back to WCW. He was put in the hardcore division and wrestled some great matches, but clearly his heart was not in WCW. Regal finally conquered his demons before returning to WCW and was given another opportunity to shine in the WWE after he asked for and received his release from WCW. He debuted near the end of 2000 as William Regal, The Goodwill Ambassador From England. He was put into top matches right away with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Chris Jericho. He was over huge as a heel. He seemed to have finally found his niche in the wrestling world. He was given the WWE European Championship and battled some hilarious opponents such as Al Snow, Naked Mideon and Crash Holly. They were the perfect opponents for the uptight Regal. His facial expressions are still among the best in the WWE today. Regal lost the title to Test and went into a role as WWE Commissioner in March 2001. He was Mr. McMahon's right hand man so to speak, and would sanction matches that would stack the deck against McMahon's enemies. He traded victories with Chris Jericho at WrestleMania X-7 and Backlash 01. He destroyed a returning Rikishi at Judgment Day 01 and spent the summer slowly turning from a heel commissioner into a baby face commissioner. He was joined by Tajiri, and they had numerous hilarious backstage skits over the summer. During the WCW/ECW invasion into the WWE, Regal was clearly pro-WWE. During a WWE Championship match between Kurt Angle and Steve Austin, Regal hit Angle with the belt, allowing The Alliance's Austin to score the pin and regain the WWE title. Regal was now the commissioner of the Alliance. A month later, The Alliance was sent packing by Team WWE at Survivor Series. Mr. McMahon stated that whoever wanted to join the WWE ranks would have to do so by kissing his ass. Regal was the first inductee into the Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club. Regal was now a WWE wrestler again, but also the laughingstock on WWE television among the other wrestlers. He entered a feud with Edge, the WWE Intercontinental Champion. At Vengeance, Regal was unsuccessful in his attempt to win the title. He underwent minor nose surgery and returned to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship at Royal Rumble 2002. He held off Edge for a few months before finally losing the belt to Rob Van Dam at WrestleMania X-8. Regal eventually won the WWE European Championship from Diamond Dallas Page and was drafted to the Raw brand. He lost and regained the title from Spike Dudley. Most fans are also not aware that Regal is a five time WWE Hardcore Champion. During April house shows, Regal won and lost the WWE Hardcore Championship five different times. These title changes were never mentioned on WWE television. Regal has now aligned himself with the uptight Molly Holly and Harvard rookie, Christopher Nowinski. He should continue to remain at the top of the mid-card for the remainder of his WWE career. Pay-Per-View Appearances 1993 Fall Brawl 93 -beat Ricky Steamboat to win WCW Television Championship Halloween Havoc 93 -wrestled to a draw with The British Bulldog (WCW Television Championship) Starrcade 93 -wrestled to a draw with Ricky Steamboat (WCW Television Championship) 1994 SuperBrawl 4 -beat Arn Anderson (WCW Television Championship) Spring Stampede 94 -wrestled to a draw with Brian Pillman (WCW Television Championship) Slamboree 94 -lost to Larry Zbyszko (non-title) Bash At The Beach 94 -beat Johnny B Badd (WCW Television Championship) Fall Brawl 94 -lost WCW Television Championship to Johnny B Badd 1995 Great American Bash 95 -with Robert Eaton lost to The Nasty Boys (WCW Tag Team Championship) Bash At The Beach 95 -lost three way match that also included Harlem Heat and The Nasty Boys (WCW Tag Team Championship) World War 3 95 -participated in three ring battle royal 1996 Uncensored 96 -lost to The Belfast Bruiser by DQ Slamboree 96 -with David Taylor lost to Jim Duggan and VK Wallstreet Great American Bash 96 -lost to Sting World War 3 96 -participated in three ring battle royal 1997 Spring Stampede 97 -lost to Prince Iaukea (WCW Television Championship) Slamboree 97 -won WCW Television Championship from Ultimo Dragon World War 3 97 -with David Taylor lost to The Steiners (WCW Tag Team Championship) 1998 Survivor Series 98 -wrestled to a double countout with X-Pac 1999 Bash At The Beach 99 -participated in Hardcore Battle Royal 2000 No Mercy 00 -beat Naked Mideon (WWE European Championship) Survivor Series 00 -beat Hardcore Holly by DQ (WWE European Championship) Armageddon 00 -beat Hardcore Holly (WWE European Championship) 2001 Royal Rumble 01 -participated in Royal Rumble WrestleMania X-7 -lost to Chris Jericho (WWE Intercontinental Championship) Backlash 01 -beat Chris Jericho in a Duchess Of Queensbury Match Judgment Day 01 -beat Rikishi Invasion -lost to Raven Survivor Series 01 -beat Tajiri Vengeance 01 -lost to Edge (WWE Intercontinental Championship) 2002 Royal Rumble 02 -beat Edge to win WWE Intercontinental Championship No Way Out 02 -beat Edge in a Brass Knuckles On A Pole Match (WWE Intercontinental Championship) WrestleMania X-8 -lost WWE Intercontinental Championship to Rob Van Dam Major Titles Held WWE Intercontinental Championship -beat Edge (January 20, 2002) -lost to Rob Van Dam (March 17, 2002) WWE European Championship -beat Al Snow (October 16, 2000) -lost to Crash Holly (December 2, 2000) -beat Crash Holly (December 4, 2000) -lost to Test (January 22, 2001) -beat Diamond Dallas Page (March 19, 2002) -lost to Spike Dudley (April 8, 2002) -beat Spike Dudley (May 6, 2002) WWE Hardcore Championship -beat Buh Buh Ray Dudley (April 6, 2002) -lost to Goldust (April 6, 2002) -beat Buh Buh Ray Dudley (April 7, 2002) -lost to Goldust (April 7, 2002) -beat Buh Buh Ray Dudley (April 12, 2002) -lost to Spike Dudley (April 12, 2002) -beat Buh Buh Ray Dudley (April 13, 2002) -lost to Spike Dudley (April 13, 2002) -beat Buh Buh Ray Dudley (April 14, 2002) -lost to Spike Dudley (April 14, 2002) WCW Television Championship -beat Ricky Steamboat (September 19, 1993) -lost to Larry Zbyszko (May 4, 1994) -beat Larry Zbyszko (June 23, 1994) -lost to Johnny B Badd (September 18, 1994) -beat Lex Luger (August 6, 1996) -lost to Prince Iaukea (February 17, 1997) -beat Ultimo Dragon (May 18, 1997) -lost to Ultimo Dragon (July 22, 1997) ***end of Bio***

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